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  • The S- Manuale 64 Heritage Line has a stylish design with a powerful performance and user-friendly handling. The Heritage Line features copper coloured grinding scale and a powder coated anthracite housing.

    Internally a high-quality and powerful motor powers the unit, while being manually activated by the portafilter pushing into the panel.

    Mircrometric adjustments allow for the ideal grind setting to be dialled in for the best flavour results. Once found, simply activate the grinder with the push of the button and grind directly into the porta-filter basket or vessel.

    Functional and practical the S-Manuale has a height adjustable portafilter rest, which can be adapted to suit different portafilter sizes, for a clean delivery into the basket. The large surface area of the 64mm burrs, paired with the 450W motor, offer and efficient grinding process.

    Assisting with temperature stability within the grinding chamber, cooling vents have been placed on the rear body of the grinder, for effective heat release and ensuring optimal flavour in the ground coffee.