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Quality water filtration products need quality fittings.

The number one cause of damage to plumbing fixtures and appliances that result in water leaks and product failure is high and/or fluctuating
pressures, especially in mains water supplies. Pressures above 500kPa can cause damage from water hammer and potentially reduce the life of
appliances, tapware and fittings, as well as causing obscure noises from the water hammer. Most local government plumbing codes and insurance
policies specify the need for a pressure limiting valve to be installed.
The Puretec PVM Series, with quick connect fittings ensures your drinking water systems are safe from high or fluctuating water pressure. They are
manufactured from the highest quality materials and are built for easy installation.
  • Multivalve, PLV, 350kpa, available in 1/4 and 3/8 tube, plastic, Watermark