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  • Suits CO-T Series [CO-ST150-K, CO-T150-K] CO-RO3 Series [CO-RO3], 15", 5 Micron

    The CO-T150 provides triple action filtration with Anti-Scale Protection Technology (ASP) to give you the advantage of effortless water treatment. Carbon Block Technology has been proven to reduce chlorine, chloramine, lead, benzine and most importantly for food service it is very effective at reducing taste and odour.

    Large removal capacities/longer filter life.
    Enhanced contaminant removal.
    Reduces soluble lead and copper in potable water.
    Cleans or dissolves precipitated mineral scale already existent in water distribution lines.
    Prevent and/or retard scale formation (from minerals depositing) and corrosion (from low pH and/or dissimilar metals) in the water distribution system.