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  • The V - Titan 64 is a grinder put together so well that could last a lifetime. The 64mm burrs are coated in titanium for longevity and the potential to grind up to 1200kg of coffee before needing to be replaced.

    The grinder offers two programmable portion controls, controlled by time or the option to grind manually if desired, with hands free activation and set via the display at the front of the grinder.

    Infinite micrometric adjustments made by using the worm drive, allow for ultimate grind control when dialing in coffee. Consistent dosing rates partnered with the delivery of fluffy and evenly distributed grind particle help to prevent channeling.

    While an adjustable portafilter cradle makes the grinder compatible with a variety of handles.

    The Titan 64 has a vintage appeal, with a quality build to serve for a very long time.