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Alternative Dairy Co


    The Alternative Dairy Co brings expertise in plant-based barista Milks and exist to create quality alternatives to dairy milks which are specifically crafted for baristas


    We are Aussie made and owned, and it shows. Based on the Central Coast of NSW and backed by over thirty years of experience in non–diary milk, we joined forces with local baristas with one mission in mind: to create the no.1 Plant-Based Barista Milks for Cafes to make a brew they can be truly proud to serve.

    Working side by side, our barista friends have put our milk range to the test. Consistent in performance and superior in taste, we are always striving for the best texture and creaminess to showcase latte art. Put simply, our milk is living its best life when it comes to being stretched and canvassed. Give it a swirl.


    Using what nature gave us, but not restrained by tradition, we push the boundaries to perfect a smooth and creamy taste in a cup. For us, there is no alternative to quality, so keeping it local means we constantly hone our ingredients and processes to deliver the best plant-based milk experience in a cup.