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This Colombian washed Gesha has been roasted for filter brewing methods, enjoy the delicate nature of this very special Gesha coffee with notes of floral, black tea, blueberry, molasses, vanilla, lemongrass and with a lovely sweet finish. This is the highest scoring coffee we have showcased to date!

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Each single origin coffee we purchase is carefully chosen for its character, fragrance, sweetness and body, to showcase the coffees from that farm.  We roast these single origin coffees a little lighter to enhance the specific characteristics from each crop.  This tends to give a focus on these roasted coffees for drinking black, extracted by filter or espresso to highlight the unique characteristics, however this lovely Colombian Gesha shines as a filter coffee, perfectly suited to that dreamy mid-morning brew.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Score: 89
Varietals: Gesha
Altitude: 1950 MASL
Process:Washed Extended Ferment
Roast Level:  Light
Body: Medium
Roasted For: Filter
Brewing Method:  Filter, AeroPress
Tasting Notes: Black tea, blueberry, molasses

This microlot is 100% Gesha. This varietal was first discovered in Abyssinia, Ethiopia in 1931. Gesha was planted in Panama for the first time in 1963 and in Colombia in 2005