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  • Synchronika Anthracite delivers the highest quality, expectations and standards of the Synchronika, but with a beautiful powder coated Anthracite housing.

    Equipped with the components of a high quality, professional espresso machine, the Synchronika is one of the most popular dual boiler home espresso machines available.

    As a dual boiler machine, ultimate stability, yet flexibility is offered. Two separate boilers, one for brewing espresso and one for steaming and hot water supply, allow temperatures to be set independently. Perfect for adapting brew recipes, making adjustments as coffee ages and also enables brewing and steaming simultaneously without compromising the espresso quality.

    With impeccable craftsmanship from ECM, the Synchronika has an elegant design, featuring a subtle silver PID display. This display is easily accessible and offers the ability to adjust temperatures, acts as a shot timer and delivers a brew group cleaning reminder.

    The rotary pump offers a quiet performance and the option of plumbing into a fixed water connection or drawing water from the internal reservoir.

Free 3kg Coffee Beans and Free Training This machine comes with 3KG of premium coffee beans and training with our head barista.